Sound Accessories

Carbon Fibre Boom

Telescopic boom
For use with shotgun mics
Daily rate: £10 +VAT

Panamic Boom Pole

Extra long boom pole
Daily rate: £20 +VAT

Stand and K Clamp

Lighitng stand with K clamp
The classic method for putting a boom mic on a stand
Daily rate: £7.25 +VAT

Boom Buddy

Use to mount a boom on a lighitng stand
Ideal with short booms
Daily rate: £3 +VAT

Microphone stand

Microphone stand with standard thread
Stage mic holder included
Daily rate: £4.50 +VAT

Sony UTX-P03 Digital Wireless Plug-on Transmitter

+48V Phantom Power
Supplied with a Sony receiver
Daily rate: £15 +VAT

Director Sound Kit

Connects to mixer or camera and allows director to hear the program sound as it is recorded
Daily rate: £15 +VAT

Talk Back System - Canford Audio

Wired intercom system
4x Head sets
Daily rate: £30 +VAT

Ambient Clockit Digislate

Ambient Clockit Slate Board
Includes timecode cabling and connectors
Daily rate: £48 +VAT