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First Time Hire

If you haven’t hired from us before there are just a couple of steps to get you up and shooting.

1. Fill out either a Cash Account or Credit Account form.
Please send us an email requesting New Client Form.
A cash account requires you to pay for the equipment upfront and a credit account allows payment up to 30 days after the shoot.

2. Provide proof of hired-in kit insurance with continuing hire cover
Please provide details of insurer in the form and email a copy of the insurance cover note to shoot@slvision.co.uk

Please be aware this admin does take a bit of time, if you call at 4.30pm for a first time hire for the next day it may be a little tight! You’re always very welcome to get in touch us with any questions or to arrange to pop in and have a look at our equipment.

By agreeing to hire from SLVision you’re entering into a binding contract and accept our Terms and Conditions.

The terms and conditions basically state that as soon as the equipment leaves our studio you are responsible for it until it is returned.

If equipment is returned damaged or with anything missing you are responsible to cover the replacement cost and daily rate for the equipment until the situation is resolved (continuing hire charges). This is why technical hired-in equipment insurance with continuing hire cover is vital as these potential costs can be significant.

If you need any help with this such as value of equipment, please feel free to ring the office.

Terms and Conditions


When you hire kit you need insurance to cover it for its full replacement value, which has to be specifically for hired-in film equipment with continuing hire cover (insurance for your own purchased equipment or home insurance etc will not work). It must be arranged to cover the kit from the day it leaves us to the day it comes back to us. It must also cover ongoing hire costs if the kit is out of action for any reason.

We’ll occasionally make exceptions for low value kit if you leave a deposit with us, as well as your passport/limb/spouse/new car – the choice is yours!

Once you’ve got a kit list together just let us know and we’ll give you the replacement value for your insurance cover.

Please check dates and the value of equipment with us before purchasing any insurance.

We recommend Performance Insurance for short or annual policies.

Film and Media Insurance - get a quote online

Select ‘Short Period Cover’ or ‘Annual Cover’ then enter the value (what it costs to purchase the kit – please call the office for the exact amount) of the equipment & the number of days you need to insure it for. The cover must include the collection and return dates as well as the dates you are shooting with the equipment.