Camera Accessories

Tentacle Sync E Timecode Generator Set

Tentacle Sync E Timecode Generator Set of 3
Includes 3x Mini Jack Cables, Mini Jack to SDI
Daily Rate: £35 +VAT

XDCA Extension Unit

XDCA Extension Unit for the Sony FS7
Includes 2x 130w V-Lok Batteries
Daily Rate: £30 +VAT

Sony 128GB XQD Card

4K-capable fast 128GB XQD Card
for Sony FS7
Daily Rate: £35 +VAT


AXS-R5 Sony F5/F55 RAW Recorder

AXS-R5 Raw Recorder
for Sony F5/F55
Daily Rate: £90 +VAT

Sony AXS-R7 Raw Recorder

4K, 2K, Raw recorder
Compatible with Sony F5/ F55 cameras
4K 1-120fps, 2K 1-240fps
Includes 2x 1TB Cards
Daily rate: £260 +VAT

Additional 512GB AXS Card

Additional 512GB AXS Card
for AXS-R5 Raw Recorder
Daily Rate: £35 +VAT


Additional 1TB AXS Card

Additional AXS 1TB S48 Card
for AXS-R7 Raw Recorder
Daily Rate: £85 +VAT


512GB Red Mini Mag

Additional 512GB Red Mini Mag for Red Epic Dragon
Daily Rate: £25 +VAT


A7S Cage

Sony a7S Cage Rig
Includes riser block, baseplate and 15mm support bars
Daily Rate: £20 +VAT

Alphatron EVF-035W-3G (TV Logic)

EVF (electronic viewfinder)
SDI and HDMI inputs and outputs
Daily Rate: £30 +VAT

Eye Direct MkII

Interview people with their eye line direct to camera
For small to large cameras
Daily Rate: £75 +VAT

DV battery power kit

2x DV batteries and charger
2x 12V hi-rose 1x D-Tap outputs
Daily rate: £10 +VAT

2x V loc battery kit

2x 130W V-loc batteries
Charger/ power supply – 12V
Daily rate: £16 +VAT

4x V loc battery kit

4x 130W V-loc batteries
Charger/ power supply – 12V
Daily rate: £30 +VAT

Build your own rig

We have adaptors, plates, brackets, bars, follow focuses,
matte boxes, etc. Bring your camera and build a rig  to suit your production.

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Camera platform for magic arm

To rig small cameras onto
a c stand,lighting stand or magic arm
Daily rate: £3 +VAT


Tilta Camera Rig

Shoulder and tripod mount with moose bars for almost any available DSLR or small to medium sized camera
Daily rate: £15 +VAT

Tilta Camera Rig with batteries

Shoulder and tripod mount with V-Loc batt power for most available DSLR or small to medium-sized camera
Daily rate: £25 +VAT

Hauge Suction Cup Car Rig Camera Mount

Suction cup car rig allows you to mount a small camera to cars and other glass/ smooth surfaces
Daily rate: £70 +VAT

GoPro Suction Cup

GoPro Suction Cup
Industrial-strength, quick-release suction mount
Daily Rate: £5 +VAT

GoPro Accessories Kit

GoPro Accessories Kit
Range of accessories for all your GoPro needs
Daily Rate: £15 +VAT

Portaprompt Autocue System

Portaprompt autocue system
with laptop and stand
Daily rate: £110 +VAT

Ambient Clockit Digislate

Ambient Clockit Slate Board
Includes timecode cabling and connectors
Daily rate: £48 +VAT

BNC Drum

 BNC Extension Drum
Multiple extensions on a drum or long single
Daily rate: £5 +VAT