Vintage Nikon Lens kit with EF mount

Compatible Cameras: Canon C300/ C300 Mk2/ 5D, EF Mount Arri Amira, EF Mount Red.  With Adaptor: Sony F5/ F55/ F3/ FS7/ A7S / A7S Mk2, Panasonic GH4, Black Magic

Vintage Nikon Prime lens set

8 lens set:

20mm (f3.5); 24mm (f2.8); 28mm (f2); 35mm (f2); 50mm (f1.4); 85mm (f1.8); 105mm (f2.5); 135mm (f3.5)
Daily Rate: £50 +VAT


All the lenses come fitted with 77m filter rings for 77mm filters

Recommended Accessories

Lens Adaptors
Circular filters from £8

Our thoughts

Old Nikon glass for a soft beauty look. They’re tricky to focus pull with, not suitable for run and gun!

People love the flare you get with the old Nikon glass and they have a soft vintage look which is great for beauty work. This set represents exceptional value for money.

The downside is that they’re very tricky to pull focus on and on some of them you get a slight image shift if you rack focus quickly, so if you’re doing a lot of big focus pulls and you want a beautiful vintage look you’d be better off looking at our late 60s Pentax lenses which were a favourite of David Bailey’s back in the day. They have a really good long focus throw and don’t suffer from the same problems as the Nikon because of their superior focus mechanism. Some of them are slower but with modern cameras this isn’t really a problem and the range of focal lengths is awesome.

These lenses are all supplied with individual Nikon to EF adapters. You can use these lenses on most of our cameras with the appropriate adapters as they cover full frame 35mm.