Fast Track and Dolly

Lightweight, ride-on dolly and 9m of track with a 90° curve
Extra set of track and extra long track also available
Daily Rate: £60 +VAT

Moviola Crab Dolly

Dolly with hydraulic jib, risers and twin tube mount etc.
Doesn’t go on tracks
Daily rate: £80 +VAT

Circular plastic track

Circular plastic track for use with Fast Dolly
Inside diameter: 3.69m (12’1″)
Daily rate: £50 +VAT

Long Steel Tracks

4x lengths of steel track
Track lengths: 2.375m Total length: 9.5
Daily rate: £45+VAT

Steel Tracks

3x lengths of steel track
Track lengths: 1.5m Total length: 4.5m
Daily rate: £35+VAT

Aluminium Tracks

Straight Track – compatible with Fast Dolly and Jimmy Jib
Total length: 9m (shorter in jib mode)
Daily rate: £80+VAT