Studio 2

Studio 2

Electricity and Distribution
Comprehensive lighting included:
3x 100W FalconEyes RX-29TDX Bi-Colour
1x 150W FalconEyes RX-24TDX Bi-Colour
2x 300W fresnel back lights
Powerful Audio Playback System
37″ Panasonic TV Monitor
Small dressing room
1 parking space
White, Black or Green screen background

£290 +VAT per hour 10 hour day

All Inclusive Package:

All the above
Camera and Sound Operator
Sony PXW-Z150 camera kit with tripod (alternative camera options available on request)
2x Radio mics / shotgun mic

£735 +VAT per 10 hour day

Access / Dimensions / Power

Direct access from our yard where you can park and unload directly into the studio

Dimensions: 13.6ft(4.16m) x 20.5ft(6.25m), 8.4ft(2.55m)

White Infinity Cove (3 sides): 13.6ft(4.16m) x 7.9ft(2.4m)

Power: 3 phases (32A per phase), 13A, 16A distribution

More info

Comprehensive Lighting, Cameras, Grip, Sound, Monitoring, Crew available if required.

Our studios are sound proofed and silently air cooled/ heated

Floor Plan Catering

Studio 2 Changes due to Covid-19

We had to make some changes to Studio 2 options because of small space if offers. We can no longer take half day and hourly bookings. Also there is a small price increase because we now include a green room above the studio to help with social distancing to accommodate all the crew and talents for your shoot. It comes with big screen that can show direct camera feed with sound from Studio 2.

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch.

Our thoughts

Studio 2 is small but perfectly formed and used for a very wide variety of filming from animation to music videos. It has proved popular with presenters on green screen, although we have shot entire make-up programmes in there as well. It boasts very good soundproofing and a silent ventilation system that keeps it at a comfortable temperature. It also has its own small dressing room and a parking space in our secure yard.

The studio has a three walled white cyclorama infinity cove, black-out drapes that run around the entire cove or, if you’re shooting chromakey green screen, we will rig a drape for you that covers the back wall and most of the floor. The advantage of using drapes as opposed to a green painted studio is that you only want the areas behind your subject to be green. Any green that is out of shot just adds more green spill/ bounce to your subject which degrades the final result. So with drapes you can just fold up the out of shot areas of the drape, reducing any green bounce.

Studio 2 comes with a comprehensive package perfect for lighting a presenter to camera on green screen or white. We can also provide cameras and crew in a variety of configurations. Studio 2 provides a cost-effective solution. If you’re not sure it’s right for your needs, please feel free to give us a ring and come down and have a look.

SLV is open as usual - Coronavirus Update - January 2021

With yet another lockdown announced we are staying open for business as TV and Film production has got green light to keep running but have altered the way we work to maintain a safe working environment. As a small but resilient company and we are always happy to tailor our services to your specific requirements.

Here is an update about the procedures and facilities we have put in place.


You must wear a face covering when indoors unless you are a talent in front of the camera but then yo have to keep safe distance.

Studio 2 is now available for full 10-hour day hire only and comes with the the extra room above it as standard to accommodate extra crew numbers. Contact us for more details.

Our studios have fresh air ventilation systems which provide a constant supply of fresh air as opposed to a recirculation system. They are also quiet enough to run whilst recording sound

We have just installed a dual internet system that runs on fast 5G in addition to fibre broadband so that we can offer a very robust internet connection for live video streaming etc.

We can provide a reliable online video stream from the studios so that your client can monitor the shoot remotely

There is remote audio and video monitoring provided from the studio to the client room and both dressing rooms for Studio 1 and to the client room for Studio 2. Studio 1 also have a microphone set up in the green room so that you can communicate remotely via the PA

We have opened a roof garden in addition to the private yard so we can offer clients more outdoor ancillary space

Safe equipment handling

All equipment supplied by SLV is made safe using a combination of quarantining, disinfection, UV-C light and ozone sanitising

Our staff members wear appropriate PPE whilst handling equipment

Workstations are being sanitised before and after use

Our vans are sanitised before and after use

Studio sanitation

Hand sanitiser is provided on main entry to the premises and around the building

We ask that crew and clients arrive with their own PPE, however we have it available to purchase if required

Everyone, including SLV staff, entering the premises will have their temperature measured and we reserve the right to refuse entry of anyone displaying symptoms of Covid -19

Client facing staff wears PPE

The Studio 1 showers are still available to use however we ask that people bring their own towels

Studio 1 and studio 2 are to use separate toilets and kitchen facilities provided if both are in use on the same day

We are currently limiting the maximum number of people inside each studio space to 10 people for Studio 1 and 3 people for Studio 2.

The premises are being sanitised at the end of each working day

We strongly suggest all the productions and clients coming to our studios to read the latest APA COVID-19 Shooting guidelines. You can find the most up to date version by clicking link below:

APA COVID-19 Shooting Guidelines

We now have the NHS Covid-19 App venue QR code in place.


We know that things are very difficult in our industry right now, however we would like to reassure our clients that we are here to help get the industry back on its feet.

Take care and hope to see you soon,

SLV Team