Studio 2

Studio 2

Electricity and Distribution
Comprehensive lighting included: 2x 330W soft cyc lights, 2x 300W fresnels
1x 4ft 4 bank, 1x 2ft 4 bank Kino Flos
Powerful Audio Playback System
37″ Panasonic TV Monitor
Small dressing room
1 parking space
White, Black or Green screen background
£32 +VAT per hour (min 4 hours)

£256 +VAT per hour 10 hour day

All Inclusive Package:

All the above
Camera and Sound Operator
Sony PXW-Z150 camera kit with tripod (alternative camera options available on request)
2x Radio mics / shotgun mic
£88 +VAT per hour (min 4 hours)

£700 +VAT per 10 hour day

Access / Dimensions / Power

Direct access from our yard where you can park and unload directly into the studio

Dimensions: 13.6ft(4.16m) x 20.5ft(6.25m), 8.4ft(2.55m)

White Infinity Cove (3 sides): 13.6ft(4.16m) x 7.9ft(2.4m)

Power: 3 phases (32A per phase), 13A, 16A distribution

More info

Comprehensive Lighting, Cameras, Grip, Sound, Monitoring, Crew available if required.

Our studios are sound proofed and silently air cooled/ heated

Floor Plan Catering

Our thoughts

Studio 2 is small but perfectly formed and used for a very wide variety of filming from animation to music videos. It has proved popular with presenters on green screen, although we have shot entire make-up programmes in there as well. It boasts very good soundproofing and a silent ventilation system that keeps it at a comfortable temperature. It also has its own small dressing room and a parking space in our secure yard.

The studio has a three walled white cyclorama infinity cove, black-out drapes that run around the entire cove or, if you’re shooting chromakey green screen, we will rig a drape for you that covers the back wall and most of the floor. We can paint the studios if required but the advantage of using drapes as opposed to a green painted studio is that you only want the areas behind your subject to be green. Any green that is out of shot just adds more green spill/ bounce to your subject which degrades the final result. So with drapes you can just fold up the out of shot areas of the drape, reducing any green bounce.

Studio 2 comes with a comprehensive package perfect for lighting a presenter to camera on green screen or white. We can also provide cameras and crew in a variety of configurations. Unlike Studio 1, Studio 2 is available to hire by the hour with a minimum booking of four hours so, if you just need to film some pickups of a presenter or a couple of short interviews, Studio 2 provides a cost-effective solution. If you’re not sure it’s right for your needs, please feel free to give us a ring and come down and have a look.