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Studio 1

studio hire london
Electricity and Distribution included
Cyc lighting (9x LED Bi-colour panels)
Audio playback system with Bluetooth
Air Conditioning*
6 channel dimmer (2k each)
42″ 4K/UHD LG Monitor
2x dressing rooms plus client room
kitchen with dining area
3 parking spaces
White, Black or Green screen background
£595 +VAT per 10 hour day
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Studio 2

studio hire london
Electricity and Distribution included
Comprehensive lighting included:
2x 330W soft cyc lights, 2x 300W fresnels
1x 4ft 4 bank, 1x 2ft 4 bank Kino Flos
Audio Playback System with Bluetooth
NEW! Air Conditioning
32″ Samsung TV Monitor
Small dressing room
1 parking place
White, Black or Green screen background
£256 + VAT per 10 hour day
£32 +VAT per hour (min 4 hours)
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Our thoughts

We have been providing studio hire in London for over 15 years and we like to think our studios are well thought-out and pleasant to work in.

Both studios boast very good soundproofing and comprehensive power distribution, as well as quiet but powerful ventilation systems to keep them at a comfortable temperature.

They both have a 3 walled white cyclorama cove, black-out drapes that run around the entire cove or, if you’re shooting chromakey green screen, we will rig a drape for you that covers the back wall and most of the floor. With full green studios, any green out of shot just adds spill/bounce to your subject and can degrade the final result. The advantage of using the drape is you can easily adjust the amount of green, folding over any out of shot areas of the drape (the back is grey) reducing the amount of green bounce.

There is a reassuringly wide range of lighting and studio accessories on the premises, including smoke machine, turntables, filters, black wrap, c-stands, grip equipment, and lots of useful bits and pieces. So even if you’re bringing in your own equipment we can help you out with things you didn’t think you’d need, or that haven’t turned up, even if it’s just a cable.

There’s parking available in our secure yard which gives direct ground-floor access to the studio spaces, making getting equipment and sets in and out a breeze.

A fully equipped kitchen and dining area accommodates both studios. If you’re unsure whether it’s right for your needs please feel free to give us a ring and come down to have a look, we would love to show you around.