Sony Zeiss 24mm f1.8 Prime Lens Sonnar T*

Compatible Cameras:  Sony FS7/ FS5/ A7S/ A7S Mk2/ A7R/ NEX Series

Sony Zeiss 24mm f1.8 Prime Lens Sonnar T*

Auto/Manual Focus
Daily rate: £25

Recommended Accessories

Sony FS7 £120
Sony A7S II £80

The high quality 24mm Sony Zeiss lens has the great advantage that it works seamlessly
with the autofocus system on both the Sony A7S and FS7. Its relatively light-weight and
compact form make it perfect for small gimbals. In addition to this its f1.8 speed coupled
with the sensitivity of these cameras means it’s perfect for shooting at night or in situations
where light is limited. It is also ideal if you want to shoot handheld on the FS7 and need a
compact, fast and high definition wide-angle lens.

ZEISS prime lens performance

This first-class 24 mm (35 mm full frame equivalent) prime lens features a large F1.8 maximum aperture and is capable of outstanding sharpness and contrast throughout the frame plus beautiful “bokeh” in out-of-focus areas.

Get close for impressive detail and impact

An advanced optical design ensures that maximum performance is achieved right down to 1:4 macro focusing distances, making it possible to shoot small subjects and details with dramatic clarity and a wide-angle perspective. The lens’s large F1.8 maximum aperture is an advantage for close-ups too.

Smooth and quiet for quality movies

Smooth, quiet operation is essential for moviemaking. An internal drive motor that achieves fluent, low-noise focus operation makes this lens a good choice for movies as well as stills, keeping imagery solid and noise out of the soundtrack.

Enhanced colour and contrast

The ZEISS T* coating is an important contributing factor, effectively suppressing spurious reflections that can degrade overall image quality. Flare and ghosting are reduced for enhanced colour and contrast that give images a deep, three-dimensional feel.

Refined exterior finish and feel

The black-finished aluminum alloy exterior of this lens affords an appearance that is eminently suitable for the distinguished ZEISS name, and of course it blends beautifully with the graceful design of E-mount bodies. The engraved focus ring offers sophisticated appearance as well as superior grip and operating feel.

0.16m (0.52ft)
225g (8oz.)