Sony T2 Primes Lens Set

Compatible Cameras: Sony F5/ F55/ F3, Arri Alexa, Arri Amira (PL), Red Dragon (PL)   with Adaptor: Sony FS7, Panasonic GH4

Sony T2 Prime Lens Set

Kit Includes:

35mm (T2); 50mm (T2); 85mm (T2)
Daily rate: £40 +VAT

Our thoughts

These are budget PL mount lenses and they have their limitations mechanically. There is some backlash in the focus mechanism which means they are only really practical if your focusing by eye using a monitor or the view finder rather than to marks on a follow focus.

Despite these short comings they are surprisingly good optically and will produce sharp, clean, pleasant pictures and with a maximum stop of F2 on all three lenses you can get some great results from them.

In conclusion if you’re making a short film with a limited budget and are willing to work with their limitations these are the lenses for you. They give you a lot of picture for your money!