Richard Gale Optics Clavius PL F2 FF Prime 4 Lens Set

Sigma Cine Primes Compatible Cameras: Sony Venice/ F5/ F55, Arri Alexa Mini, Alexa Plus, Amira (PL), Red Cameras (PL)   with Adaptor: Sony FS7, Sony FX9, Sony FX6, Sony FX3, Sony a7s III

Clavius PL F2 FF 4 Lens Set

Clavius F2 Full Frame VV 4 Lens Set (PL Mount):

28mm (F2); 38mm (F2); 58mm (F2); 88mm (F2);

Daily Rate: £450 +VAT

Our Thoughts;

At the heart of this lens set is the now legendary vintage Russian 58mm f2 Helios. Its beautiful swirling bokeh and pronounced lens flares have given the lens a cult following among filmmakers and portrait photographers alike. Quite simply put, in the Clavius set, the 58mm is a rehoused Helios 58mm f2. Richard Gale Optics then used the 58mm as the base lens for the rest of the set, building a 28mm, 38mm and 88mm each with the Helios 58mm at their core.

These lenses maintain the Helios’ beautiful bokeh and flares across all 4 lenses. You can take your creativity a step further… We have interchangeable optics to deliver even bigger flares, as well as oval aperture inserts to give your footage anamorphic bokeh, but with the ease of shooting spherical. Richard Gale Optics has been developing this lens set for years, and the latest housings are excellent. Long, buttery smooth focus throw, true internal focus, 95mm fronts, that work with all standard matte boxes, and PL mounts that will accept any brand of PL to EF or PL to E adaptor.

The new CLAVIUS lens series takes the helm as our flagship range combining all of qualities of our previous lenses.

– Full Frame / VV coverage (Sony Venice, FX9, FX6, FX3, a7s III; DXL; Monstro; Arri LF etc)

– Historic optical elements (Single Layer MgF2 Coated Primary Elements)

– Classical lower contrast rendering

– Ultra responsive to flaring

– Interchangeable aperture disks (ovals, soft focus, defocus distortion, apodised, translucent etc)

– Unorthodox optical designs

– f/2.0 aperture throughout the range

– Pleasing balance of resolution and character

-New to CLAVIUS :

Internal focusing (no body extension during focusing, smoother focus action, rugged construction, improved dust and weather protection)

Easier third party servicing

Relocated focus ring for increased camera body clearance

Geared aperture ring

Same optical design as previous lenses

Greater selection of waterstop aperture disks avaiable

As before, our PL mounts are machined in stainless steel and work with EOS-PL adaptors meaning users of canon mount systems can make use of our lenses without mechanical or mirror issues. – Speed Boosters work great!

The variable aperture allows fluid adjustment from f2 down to f16 with circular bokeh throughout the range. Alongside the variable aperture, on request there is avaiable a selection of ‘waterstop’ aperture disks which allow the user to shape the defocus rendering – for instance, using one of the many oval aperture inserts these lenses deliver a very convincing anamorphic defocus rendering. Multiples of the most popular aperture disks are included meaning the full set of lenses can all be pre-installed with matching aperture disks for easier integration into production schedules.


Stainless PL Mount (works with PL-EOS adaptors)

F-2.0 Aperture (circaT-2.3)

Optically Matched using historic glass

Variable Aperture – fluid f2-f16

TRUMP Aperture System – drop in ‘waterstop’ aperture disks for bokeh control / defocus efx

0.8Mod Geared Focus Ring – with 270degrees of rotation

43.5mm Image Circle – Designed for full frame photographic 135 format

86mm x 0.75 – front filter thread (95mm front diameter)

New Kit and latest Covid 19 update

New Kit 2021

Sony FX9, Sony FX6, Sony FX3, Sony a7s III


Richard Gale Optics Clavius PL F2 Full Frame Primes 4 Lens Set

Sony FE 12-24mm f2.8 GMSony FE 14mm f1.8 GM, Sony FE 24mm f1.4 GM,

Sony FE 35mm f1.4 GM, Sony FE 50mm f1.2 GM, Sony FE 85mm f1.4 GM

Atomos Shogun 7 SDI/HDMI, Atomos Ninja V Pro Kit SDI/HDMI

Astera NYX RGB Bulb Kit, Nanlux Evoke 1200W LED Light, Aputure Light Storm LS 600D Pro,
Aputure Light Storm C300D MK II

DJI RS2 Pro Combo Gimbal, Blackmagic Web Presenter

Covid 19 Update

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