Our Cookie policy

What’s a Cookie?

Simply put, it’s a small file that gets stored in your browser when you visit a web
page. This helps the website identify whether you’ve been there before and what you
viewed whilst you were there.

How we use them?

We use cookies to understand what users do on our website. We’ll take information
such as what pages are looked at, where our users came in to the site and where
they left, to help us understand what content is popular so we can make our site
even better for you to use.

We also don’t store any information that can identify an individual and we’re only be
able to see what you do on our site, nowhere else. So if you were to fill out one of
our contact forms, we wouldn’t track that information or be able to relate any
previously stored information to you as an individual.

Most web browsers allow control of most cookies through the browser settings.
Before you change your cookie settings however, it’s important to note that blocking
all cookies may prevent you from entering many websites.

Here’s a link to Wikipedia, in case you want to know more: