Juan Minotta

Camera Operator

Train Fitness – DOP Will Hadley

Hay House – DOP Andreea Gruioniu

Look Fabulous Forever – DOP Will Hadley

LinkedIn – Bring In Your Parents – DOP Joshua Pausanos

ALIVE US – Diva Campos – Vem Me inundar


1st AC

A Better Future, Now – AXA – DOP Franklin Dow

Barclays: Beyond 100 – Content is King – DOP Will Hadley.

Calor Gas – My Accomplice – DOP Franklin Dow

BBC Mindset – Grain Media – DOP Benjamin Thomas


2nd AC

Go Rilla – Fil Bo Riva – DOP Franklin Dow – DIR. Marie Schuller

Oats and Barley – DOP Jim Jollie – DIR. Charlotte Regan

Raynaud Limoges – DOP Franklin Dow – DIR. Marie Schuller

Xander Zhou “Once Upon a Future” – Pretty Bird – DOP Franklin Dow – DIR. Rei Nadal 

Diverted – National Autism Society – DOP Franklin Dow – DIR. Charlotte Regan

Nowness – Monochrome – DOP Franklin Dow DIR. Marie Schuller

Atticus Finch – IHG Mission Impossible – DOP Franklin Dow

Sparks – The Guest – The Listener’s Project – DOP Naomi Hancock