Other Grip and Accessories

Easyrig Vario 5 with Flowcine Serene Arm

Transfer the weight of the camera/ gimbal to your back, Flowcine Serene arm stops the vertical bounce
Daily rate: £120 +VAT

Magliner Junior Film Cart

The Magliner Backstage Gemini Junior Film Cart is the most widely used hand truck in the film and audio visual industries
Daily rate: £30 +VAT

Hague Suction Cup Car Rig Camera Mount

Suction cup car rig allows you to mount a small camera to cars and other glass/ smooth surfaces
Daily rate: £70 +VAT

Matthews' Car Rig

Matthews’ Car Rig allows you to mount a small camera to cars and other glass/ smooth surfaces
Daily rate: £85 +VAT

Rolling Spider

Rolling Spider
Foldable rolling dolly
Daily rate: £15 +VAT

Build your own camera rig

We have a pletthora of battery adaptors, plates, brackets, bars, follow focuses, matte boxes, widgets and doofers. Come down with your camera and build a rig.

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Tilta Camera Rig

Shoulder and tripod mount with moose bars for almost any available DSLR or small to medium sized camera
Daily rate: £15 +VAT

Tilta Camera Rig with batteries

Shoulder and tripod mount, V Loc batt power to almost any DSLR or small/medium sized camera
Daily rate: £25 +VAT

Camera L Bracket

Use to mount camera on it’s side to shoot portrait
Used sometimes on Chromakey shoots
Daily rate: £15 +VAT

Large Turntable MK II

Large Turntable hire london SLV
Large turntable 80cm/31.5″
With Black Surface
Daily rate: £170 +VAT

Medium Turntable

Medium turntable hire SLV
Large turntable 60cm/24″
With Black Surface
Daily rate: £150 +VAT

Small Turntable

Fast/slow motor and speed control unit
9cm/3.5″ and 11cm/4.5″ wooden base
Daily rate: £40 +VAT

Syrp Turntable

Requires Iphone or Android device to control turntable via Syrp Genie App
Daily rate: £25 +VAT

Apple Boxes

0.5″, 1″, 2″, 3.5″
All fit inside 8″
Daily rate: £20 +VAT

Steel Mega Deck 2x1m

Supplied with 1ft, 2ft, 3ft or 4ft legs. Please specify when booking
Daily rate: £25 +VAT

150mm High Hat

100mm High Hat

75mm High Hat


A box of wedges
1″ and 2″


A stack of pags
Useful for adjusting the height of almost anything!