EF to FZ mount adaptor Optitek Mk II

Compatible Cameras: Sony F5, Sony F55, Sony F3

ef to fz optitek

EF to FZ mount adaptor Optitek Mk II

Use EF lenses on Sony FZ mount cameras F5/ F55 / F3
Daily rate: £25 +VAT

Recommended Accessories

Sony F55 Camera £195
Sony F5 Camera £130
EF Mount Lenses From £20

Our thoughts

The aperture on this adapter is controlled by up-and-down pushbuttons mounted on the side. Its great advantage is that it’s one piece (there’s no control box) and it has a really good locking EF mount which gets rid of any backlash. The downsides are you have to recalibrate it every time you take the battery of the camera and the up and down buttons are a bit of a pain.