Aputure Light Storm 120D LED

Aputure Light Storm 120D LED

Standard kit includes:

High power, Daylight only 5500K
Remote Control
Mains or V-Lock Battery Powered (batts hired separately)
Various diffusion options
Daily rate: £38 +VAT


Choose one of the softbox sizes:

60cm wide octagonal soft box with egg create
Daily rate: £9 +VAT


90cm wide octagonal soft box with egg create
Daily rate: £9 +VAT


170cm wide octagonal soft box with egg create
Slightly bigger than Dedo Octodome light
Daily rate: £11 +VAT


50cm Lantern Springball
Daily rate: £8 +VAT


80cm Lantern Springball
Daily rate: £10 +VAT

This light can be used with any of our Bowens fitting Softboxes: Octagonal Shape diffusions 60cm, 90cm, 170cm or the two different sizes Lantern Springball – 50cm and 80cm.

The lantern type diffuser provides a soft, even light similar to the Jem Ball or paper lantern. It’s particularly effective mounted on a boom as a single source to light people around a table or facing each other.

Compared to the Jem Ball, it offers a low heat alternative and is perfect for use with our 120w Aputure Storm Light, giving you full control over levels and colour. The annoying hum you get when dimming the Jem Ball bulb isn’t an issue with the LED; The option of powering with V-Lock batteries makes this light a flexible, quiet and cost effective alternative.

LS COB 120d LED video light is the first COB design of Aputure Light Storm. It features CRI 97 and active fan cooling system with real time feedback of temperature circuit. With Ultra silent Fan, dual power supply. Standard industrial mount (Bowens mount) design offers you different lighting control requirements. Easily done for your broadcast level photography.


• Shape your Light
a. A Multi-Functional Light Shaping Tool;
b. Dial-in Brightness. Focus the intensity of your light from 14000lux to a sun-like intensity of 67000lux at 0.5m;
c. Spot and Flood Light. Capable of a Variable Beam Angle from 12-42 degrees of light;
d. Perfect for Macro and High-Speed Photography
• Endless Compatibility
a. Modular Design: Front& Back Mounts allow for Stackable Light Shaping Accessories like Grids and Barn Doors;
b. Universal Mount: Perfect not only for the Aputure Light Storm COB120 Series, but also any Bowen-S Mount Light.
• Rock-Solid Industrial Design
a. Tempered Glass: Formed with a High-Grade Silicon for Long-Lasting Durability;
b. Fiberglass Shell: Both Durable and Effective for Heat-Dissipation.
• TLCI≥97, High Color Restoration
• Dual Power Supply
• Color Temperature 6000K
• Ultra Silent Fan, Noise Low to 18dB
• Standard Industrial Mount, Easy to Work With
• Dual Cooling Mode, One Key Switching
• Unique Light-Control Separation Design
• Carry in Ease, Specially Portable Design



Environmental Policy and latest Covid 19 update

SLV Environmental Policy

We at SLVision are committed to helping deliver an environmentally sustainable media production industry. We seek to better understand and manage our impact, implementing initiatives to act on our opportunity to make a meaningful difference. From schemes we have in place, ongoing initiatives and plans for the future, we aim to show our dedication to an ongoing effort to become more sustainable.

View the latest version of our Environmental Policy here

Covid 19 Update

As of 19 July 2021 all restrictions are lifted in England and now we leave it to the production to apply their own rules when coming to our premises.

We’re leaving hand sanitisers around the building and thermometer at the entrance for general use if wanted.

We suggest all the productions and clients coming to our studios to read the latest APA COVID-19 Shooting guidelines.

You can find the most up to date version by clicking link below:

APA COVID-19 Shooting Guidelines


We also will be keeping NHS Covid-19 App venue QR code in place for scanning.

SLV Team