Cineready W-HDI Full HD HDMI Wireless Video Sender

Cineready W-HDI HDMI Wireless Video

Standard kit includes:

HD Transmitter and Receiver
Uncompressed, almost zero latency
HDMI In/ Out
D-Tap or 4 pin hi-rose power
Includes cables
Daily rate: £30 +VAT


Cineready W-HDI transmits uncompressed full HD 1920×1080 of 50 meters (160 feet) in free line of sight and min. 30 meters in an environment with interference or items blocking the signal physically. The image is clear and disturbance free with a latency of less than 2 milliseconds, the blink of an eye is 400 milliseconds. It’s compact and light weight design make both the receiver and transmitter easy to attach to your camera rig. The signal is transmitted in the 5GHz range to limit to a minimum any interference from other devices. Both devices need 5V/1A power input, there is no internal battery.

The receiver can only be powered through the coaxial DC input. You can use the included DC adapter or use an external power source. The transmitter has a mini USB port for power input. Most cinema cameras feature a USB power output, if this is not the case you can use a 5V power bank.


Transmitter: CB8801

HDMI IN; Mini USB Power In;
Network Matching Button;

Receiver: CV6620

HDMI Out; DC In; Mini USB AB;
Network Matching;Button; IR In

Power Consumption 1080P/3.5W; 720P/2.8W 1080P/7W;720P/6W
Dimension 98 X 29 X14.5 (mm) 148 X 96 X 20 (mm)
Transmission Power 12 dBm Power Output: 18 dBm
Operating Frequency Free Frequency: 5.15~5.25, 5.725~5.850 (GHz)
DFS Frequency: 5.25~5.35, 5.47~5.725 (GHz); DFS Optional
Data Rate Forward Channel: 3Gbps(400MBS)
Bandwidth 40MHz
Modulation Mode Forward Channel: OFDM 16-QAM; Return Channel: OOK
Network Mode Point to Point/Multi-Point to Point
SNR > 23 dB @ (-60 < Rx Pin < -45) dBm
Video Formats Supported HD: 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
PC: VGA (640×480), SVGA (800×600), XGA (1024×768),
Panel: 854×800, 1280×768, 1366×768, 1920×1080
Audio Formats Supported PCM, AAC, Dolby, Digital 2.0/5.1, DTS 5.1, LPCM 5.1/7.1
Transmission Distance ≥50 Meters Line of sight
Transmission Distance Support HDMI1.3 (HDMI1.4 for 3D Optional); Support HDCP1.2
Operating Voltage DC 5V/1A; USB Power
Temperature Range 0 ~ 40°C (Operating Temperature); -20~80°C(Storage Temperature)
Regulatory Compliance FCC; CE.