Century 2x Extender PL

Compatible Cameras: Sony F5/ F55/ F3, Arri Alexa, Arri Amira (PL), Red Dragon (PL) .  With Adaptor: Sony FS7, Panasonic GH4


Century 2x Extender PL

Extends focal length of a lens by 2x
2 stop light loss
Not compatible with 15.5-45mm zoom or 19-90mm Fujinon Cabrio zoom

Daily rate: £35 +VAT

Our thoughts

Despite the loss of two stops, this is a useful bit of kit to get you out of trouble when you need a longer lens than the one you’ve got. However it’s important to check whether the lens you’re using is compatible, as zoom lenses which stick out a long way at the back may not be usable. For example, they’re fine on the 18-80mm and the 45-250mm Arri Aluras but not on the 15.5-45mm Alura.