Studio 1

Studio 1


Electricity and Distribution
Cyc lighting: 9x LED FalconEyes RX-24TDX Bi Colour Panels
Powerful Audio playback system with Bluetooth
Air conditioning
6 channel dimmer
42″ 4K/UHD LG Monitor
2x dressing rooms plus client room
Kitchen with dining area
3 parking spaces
White, Black or Green screen background
Printing: First 25 pages free, subsequent pages – £0.05 per page

£595 +VAT per 10 hour day

Pre-arranged overtime is £60 +VAT per hour
Overtime on the day is £90 +VAT per hour

Access / Dimensions / Power

Direct access from our yard where you can park and unload directly into the studio

Studio dimensions: 23ft(7m) x 37ft(11.3m) to 11ft(3.35m) to the lighting grid

White Infinity Cove (3 sides): 23ft(7m) x 26ft(7.9m)

Loading doors: 7.28ft(2.22m) x 7.48ft(2.28m)


Power Distribution:

-3x phases of 63Amp each

-3x 63Amp floor boxes with 6x 16Amp + 1x 32Amp sockets)

-12x 10 meters 16Amp cables

-3x 32Amp Cables

-2x 16Amp to 13Amp 4 way socket

-4x 16Amp to 13Amp 2 way socket

-2x 16Amp to 13Amp Single socket

-2x 16Amp splitter box

-6x Channel Dimmer rack ( 2KW per channel), it also can be DMX’d

-15x Grid tie lines

More Info

Comprehensive Lighting, Camera, Grip, Sound, Monitoring and Crew available if required

Our studios are sound proofed and silently air cooled/ heated

Floor Plan Catering
Wedges £10
Apple Boxes £20
Stage Weight £1
8’x4′ Wooden Flats (Pair) £20
Steel Mega Deck (2mx1m) £25
White re-paint of studio floor £35
Black Vinyl flooring – 4m x 3.3m £30

Our thoughts

We like to think studio one is well thought-out and pleasant to work in. For a studio of this size the additional space is generous and includes two dressing rooms, one large and one small. Both are equipped with showers, toilet facilities and TVs that can also display what’s going on in the studio. In addition to the dressing rooms, there is a client room adjacent to the studio through transparent doors with its own TV, again capable of showing the studio output. This room can also be used as a control room for multi-camera shoots and has a cable duct into the studio.

Studio one boasts very good soundproofing and a silent but powerful ventilation system that keeps it at a comfortable temperature.

The studio has a 3 walled white cyclorama infinity cove, black out drapes that run around the entire cove or, if you’re shooting chromakey green screen, we will rig a drape for you that covers the back wall and most of the floor. The advantage of using drapes as opposed to a green painted studio is that you only want the areas behind your subject to be green. Any green that is out of shot just adds more green spill/ bounce to your subject which degrades the final result. So with drapes you can just fold up the out of shot areas of the drape, reducing any green bounce.

There is a reassuringly wide range of lighting and studio accessories on the premises, including smoke machine, turntables, filters, black wrap, c-stands, grip equipment, and a lot of useful bits and pieces. So even if you’re bringing in your own equipment we can help you out with things you didn’t think you’d need, or that haven’t turned up, even if it’s just a cable.

The hire of the studio includes a minimum of three parking spaces in our secure yard, which gives direct access to the studio space, making getting equipment and sets in and out a breeze. A fully equipped kitchen and dining area accommodates both studios. If you’re unsure if it’s right for your needs please feel free to give us a ring, or even to come down and have a look, we would love to show you around.

Environmental Policy and latest Covid 19 update

SLV Environmental Policy

We at SLVision are committed to helping deliver an environmentally sustainable media production industry. We seek to better understand and manage our impact, implementing initiatives to act on our opportunity to make a meaningful difference. From schemes we have in place, ongoing initiatives and plans for the future, we aim to show our dedication to an ongoing effort to become more sustainable.

View the latest version of our Environmental Policy here

Covid 19 Update

As of 19 July 2021 all restrictions are lifted in England and now we leave it to the production to apply their own rules when coming to our premises.

We’re leaving hand sanitisers around the building and thermometer at the entrance for general use if wanted.

We suggest all the productions and clients coming to our studios to read the latest APA COVID-19 Shooting guidelines.

You can find the most up to date version by clicking link below:

APA COVID-19 Shooting Guidelines


We also will be keeping NHS Covid-19 App venue QR code in place for scanning.

SLV Team