FalconEyes RX-120TDX 600W LED Flex Bi-Colour LED

FalconEyes RX-120TDX 600W LED Bi-Colour

Standard kit includes:

RX-120TDX Bi-Colour 600W (tungsten/ daylight) and dimmable LED panel
Mains power adapter + Stand bracket
Mains Power Adaptor
Soft Box
Snap Grid Egg Crate

Daily rate: £80 +VAT

Recommended Accessories

Light Triple Riser (Blonde) Stand £4.50
Set of 4 Sand Bags £10

Our Thoughts:

This 600W flex light has got real punch and is bi-colour which makes controlling the colour temperature quick and easy. It’s very lightweight meaning it can be suspended without any trouble, or put on a boom. It has reinforced holes around the edge to tie up onto the grid or hang from a window. This light can also be attached to a 4×4 knife frame and comes with a snap grid which is very effective in controlling the spill.


The new FalconEyes RX-120TDX outputs a stunning 600W bi-color (LUX value of 32200 at 0.5m) with just a single control box! As with all our other ROLL-FLEX LED lights, the RX-12OTDX is developed with the latest LED technology to perform rollable and flexible movement with a 10mm thickness of the slim panel.

All RX-TDX series are implemented with DMX and a 2.4G remote control feature (which would be compatible with the RC-3T remote controller).

The external control box is connected to the flex light. The adjustment knobs allow for controlling your desired colour and power settings easily. Lastly, the RX-12OTDX is designed with full voltage of 110V- 240V which can be used worldwide for different filmmaking applications.

RX-120TDX (121 x 121cm or 4’x4′) / 600W / Bi-color / DMX




Model No.
Dimensions AC Adapter: 30×28.5×10.4cm
Light only: 114x115cm
Light + Bracket: 120x120cm
Power 600W


1848 pcs x 0.5W (Daylight)
1848 pcs x 0.5W (Tungsten)
Operating Voltage 


Colour Temperature 3000K-5600K


0-100% Step free dimming knob
ON/OFF Switch
Beam Angle 


CRI  95


3000K: 29300 (0.5m) / 13500 (1m) / 4690 (2m) / 2390 (3m)
5600K: 32200 (0.5m) / 15300 (1m) / 5350 (2m) / 2730 (3m)


AC Power
Control Function ON/OFF, Turning Knobs, RC-3T Remote, DMX-512 and 2.4G DMX
Foot-candles  3000K: 2723 (0.5m) / 1255 (1m) / 436 (2m) / 222 (3m)
5600K: 2993 (0.5m) / 1422 (1m) / 497 (2m) / 254 (3m)


Light + Bracket: 3.27kg
AC Adapter: 6.22kg
Noise Level (dB) 


Package Contents 


Control Box

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