Eye Direct MkII

Eye Direct MkII

Standard kit includes:

Eye Direct MkII – Complete system to mount your camera, to your tripod
18″ adjustable baseplate
Riser for DSLRs
iPad/tablet accessory to convert system to teleprompter/autocue
Spare Beam Splitter
Flight case
Assembly Manual
Daily rate: £75 +VAT

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Our thoughts

This clever contraption allows you to interview your subject with their eye line being directly into the camera lens.  The interviewer sits beside the camera looking into a mirror, their image is then reflected in the beam splitter in front of the cameras lens so that the interviewee can speak to the interviewer but appear to be speaking directly to camera.

It’s a technique that was made popular by documentary director Errol Morris and has become a popular way to shoot interviews.

Remember that the interviewer needs to be lit in order for the effect to work. If you’re shooting in a dark space then you will need to light the interviewer. This can be as simple as a camera top light spun round to light the person next to the camera.

When I’m using this rig I also like to set a flag up in front of the interviewer to create more cover so that the interviewee can’t see the interviewer at all. I find it’s less distracting for the interviewee. Alternatively, if you’re on the run, you can just stick a piece of black wrap to the eye direct.

Easy set-up
Accommodations for DSLRs to full-size cameras with zoom
18″ adjustable balance base plate and riser
Versatility to put the interviewer on either side of the camera
No electricity required
High quality beamsplitter mirror and secondary glass ‘Edison’ mirror