150cm Product Cube Tent

150cm Product Cube Tent

150cm Product Cube Tent
Supplied with white, black, red and blue backgrounds
Pops up and collapses down for transport (see video)
Daily rate: £30 +VAT

How to set up the cube video

Recommended Accessories

Large Turntable £150
Small Turntable £40

Our thoughts

The 150cm product cube tent is a great piece of kit for shooting products. Place the product inside the tent and then unzip just enough to poke your lens through. This creates a 360 degree white space around your product which means you get completely clean reflections (as you can see in the example of the chair).

The product cube tent is made of diffusion material allowing you to create soft lighting on your product simply by lighting through any side of the cube.

The product cube tent is very quick to set up but it is essential you watch this video when folding it back up! It is easily damaged if you fold it incorrectly. If you are filming in one of our studios we can set it up and down for you.