PL Mount 35mm Lenses

Compatible Cameras: Sony F5/ F55/ F3, Arri Alexa, Arri Amira (PL), Red Dragon (PL)   with Adaptor: Sony FS7, Panasonic GH4

Arri Alura 15.5-45mm

Fujinon Cabrio 19-90mm

Zeiss CP2 Primes 6 lens set (PL mount)

15mm T2.9; 18mm T3.6; 25mm T2.1; 35mm T1.5; 50mm T1.5; 85mm T1.5
Daily rate: £240 +VAT  (Also available individually)

Sony CineAlta 4K Six Lens Kit (PL mount)

Sony CineAlta Lens Kit
20mm T2; 25mm T2; 35mm T2; 50mm T2; 85mm T2; 135mm T2
Daily rate: £170 +VAT 

Zeiss CP2 Primes Super Speeds 4 lens set (PL mount)

15mm T2.9; 35mm T1.5; 50mm T1.5; 85mm T1.5
Super Speed Set
Daily rate: £190 +VAT

Arri Ultra Primes T1.9 5 lens set

16mm (T1.9); 24mm (T1.9); 32mm (T1.9); 50mm (T1.9); 85mm (T1.9)
Daily rate: £350 +VAT

Cooke S4i T2 Primes 5 lens set

18mm (T2); 25mm (T2); 32mm (T2), 50mm (T2), 75mm (T2)
Daily rate: £450 +VAT

Sony T2 Primes 3 lens set

35mm (T2); 50mm (T2); 85mm (T2)
Great Budget Prime Set
Daily rate: £40 +VAT

Century 2X extender

Extends focal length of a lens by 2x
2 stop light loss, Not compatible with 15.5-45mm zoom
Daily rate: £35 +VAT